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Membership is $35 each fiscal year from July 1st through June 30th.[1]
You can pay securely via PayPal.[4]


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[1] Memberships purchased online between January 1 – June 30th during the membership drive will be credited towards the next fiscal year.
Example 1:
Membership purchased online on April 1st will expire in 15 months on the following June 30th.
Example 2:
Membership purchased online on July 1st will expire in 12 months on June 30th.

[2] You are logged in! This user account will be credited with your membership. Otherwise, please log-out before proceeding with purchase which will allow you to create a new username and account profile for this site.

[3] Existing user instructions: After you checkout at PayPal, you will receive an email from this site (from shortly after purchase which will confirm that your membership has been applied to your account. You will also notice that your membership account will reflect your new expiration date and membership level.

[4] Transactions are processed securely via PayPal. No financial information is retained on our site, so it’s important to keep your email receipt from PayPal for future reference, should your account not be properly credited. More PayPal Security Info Here.

[5] Privacy: We don’t sell or share our membership lists to outside parties, so your secrets are safe with us. We’re simply using this database to manage our current memberships. Less time managing membership rosters means more time to devote to neighborhood initiatives.